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Stay on Top of It

  • Create a dedicated FDIC-insured account at our Partner Bank in your name for the purpose of saving funds for settlement.
  • 24 hour customer support and web-portal to view your account and make changes to your savings plan.
  • Rest easy knowing that no settlement fees can be collected by your Debt Relief Company until they have made a settlement on your behalf, and you have made at least one successful payment on the settlement.
  • You can cancel your account at any time and receive the full balance of your account within seven days.

Debt Relief Companies

  • A robust technology platform built by the payments professionals at Bancbox integrates with you CRM and our Partner Bank to provide you with a unique set of features.
  • We are members of the AFCC and adhere to their published Code of Conduct
  • We have offered our services since January 2011, after promulgation by the FTC of the Amended TeleMarketing Sales Rule
  • We are strong supporters of the FTC Rule and have established policies and procedures to assist our debt relief customers in complying with the rule
  • We do not accept any debt settlement companies that are not in compliance with the FTC Rule's prohibition on advance fees, including attorneys or law firms.
  • Our onboarding process requires (i) Lexis-Nexis search on Company principal, (ii) Company financials, (iii) Bank transaction history- including returns, (iv) Evidence to support compliance with the FTC Rule, and (v) Evidence of compliance with individual state restrictions and fee caps.
  • Our ongoing transaction monitoring seeks to ensure compliance with the FTC Rule. We have fee auditing processes that require you to link your fees to documented settlements, restrict fee collection before a settlement payment, and ensure that fees collected are relative to the settlements you make.
  • In the future, we will offer automated fee auditing at the product level and periodic review of marketing materials.

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